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off_balance :: crowmag User crowmag
Shell is latest bbClean.

Background image generated by Starfish for Windows: link

You can get the bg here: link 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style off_balance by crowmag
Wallpaper jealousy.png 

mini-man Finally, another starfish user! And the style looks great, love the dark tones. Is that SystemBarEx?
crowmag Thanks minimal. Yeah, it's SystembarEX, I have just 'tasks' and 'tray' enabled bc other plugins fill in for what's disabled.
mini-man Luvly. Yeah, I used to use bbIconBox for my tray then got bored of it. Btw, just a heads up...Metapad sux. =P Get notepad++.
crowmag lol, actually I use several editors. I use metapad almost exclusively for creating info files for just about everything I D\L off the web - proggies, pics, notes etc. so I know where they came from.
skwire Really nice, crowmag.
crowmag Thanks skwire!
mini-man Still. =P Syntax highlighting (_custom_ I might add), macros,...oh, and plugins...

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