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fab.fruity.and.500 :: mini-man User mini-man
. fab.fruity.and.500 = ffa500, base hex color (orange, for the colorblind)
. purposly made low contrast
. ugly, don't use it, just was in the mood to create another style
. hopefully going to do an orange/black version
. don't sue if you get blind 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Clarity Tango by //inimal
Wallpaper bsetroot 

Omni Ugly? Whoops. I kinda liked it. What fonts are you using?
mini-man Lol! I got Global Font Override on so everything's lucida grande (9 I believe).
Delano Not ugly. Unconvential maybe, but not ugly. It's nice to have a colour scheme that's not the typical "blue" which the Windows, Linux and Mac develops seem to love so much. The gradient and font styles give a unique feel to what can be done with a GUI.
Delano Almost forgot... what do you use to get the icons in the menu? I have bbLean
mini-man Thanks Delano. :) Yeah, you got a point. About the icons, I'm using the latest BBClean (by Zeytok) - it's a fork of bbLean, which adds several new great features. You should try it. :)

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