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smooth pink :: thewayofzen User thewayofzen
This is a little departure from the zen stereotype.
its simple and soft. I'm not sure anyone will like it but
here it is. I almost think I should have used a grey like the toolbar/unfocused shade on the 3dcc..
Enjoy.. or dont
Shell xoblite
Style smooth pink by thewayofzen
Wallpaper miro by imrik 

mini-man Everything except for the pink rawks. =P Maybe soft blue or smth would be cool..but real smooth. Different.
thewayofzen dang it. the toolbar should be toolbar: flat gradient vertical please change it in the style if you wish it to be as i intended.
crowmag The 'soft' unbeveled borders are a change of pace for you. Nice looking style twoz, Every one needs to break away from their normal methods occasionally, it helps to keep things interesting. Truth be known, a lot of times I'll set out to emulate one of my favorite style authors in a style I'm doing and then add my own little twists. Such was the case with zenful where I was trying to pull off a 'cthu1hu'. And I am sure you have seen me trying to recreate some of those beautiful menus you are known for - well maybe not, as I as I don't have it quite as down as you do. :)
thewayofzen crowmag you made me laugh. I've long admired the styles that show up here. Stuff created by you cthu1hu snkmchn blockhead jesterace shit.. auto.. inauro.. and the sadly missed clovemagic . Everyone of the regular contributors have such talents here. Im glad the scene is more active lately..
crowmag Man what ever happened to clovemagic anyway? I learned a lot about the new syntax from her styles. She surely is missed.
thewayofzen She definately is. Clovemagic if you ever read this.. we miss ya GEEZ.. drop a note in the chatbox let us know you are ok!
iTiVO Tell me, how do you always find such beautiful fonts? I mean i find them too, but not until you've posted a style with them :D
thewayofzen I spend a lot of time wandering around different websites.
iTiVO Too bad there's no wonderfull website to go to :( Anyways, you are THE stylemaker out there, keep up the nice work :)
thewayofzen itivo: i never pay attention to where i end up finding things to be honest. if ever u see a font in a style i make that you would like to have you are more then welcome to ask for it via email 90% of the time i respond. the only time i dont is if i no longer have what is being requested.. :)

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