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Sinester :: snkmchnb User snkmchnb
my first submitted style using the 0.70 style syntax.. i think it came out nicely. 
Shell xoblite
Style Sinester by snkmchnb
Wallpaper GSM Pattern Wall by biftek 

auto The border color matching the wall gives it a nice effect, good work.
pkt-zer0 Cool. Reminds me of cthu1hu's styles. (which is a good thing.)
cthu1hu ^^ Well I hope so :) I wish that were a command line input just above bbmail. That would be quite cool. It's a cool style, but you gotta declare borders for bbleanskin mod ;)
iTiVO I think a frame for the menu.highlight (just like you have it for toolbar.windowlabel) would be even nicer.. Else a very lovely piece of art/work/artwork :D
nuckie err.. gotta say tht this is one of the best styles i've seen. really neat.
nuckie here's the wall, for ur convenience.
nuckie err.. whoops.. link
iTiVO For me (BBClean-user) the style doesn't look as on the screenshot, speaking of differences on the menu.highlight (it does not contain a frame as it can be seen on the screenshot). Is it just a different way of loading the style?
nuckie hmm... yeaa.. no frame.. wouldnt have noticed if it wasnt for iTivo.. but hey it still looks good!
cthu1hu you have to declare a border for everything in bblean.. (and my above post is wrong)

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