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Dark, Very Dark :: simplicity@sea User simplicity@sea
I own no part of this. All material is copyright to their respective owners. I completely acknowledge and give credit to, the makers of bluebox, and the developer of the charcoal style file.

Notes: I love bluebox. It is sooooooo much better than blackbox. 
Shell bluebox
Style charcoal by qwilk (
Wallpaper Akaju_WP.jpg 

moshi distributing somebody elses skin is lame in general. but why the heck distributing one of the bb4win default skins?
simplicity@sea Wait a second...I am not "Distributing" anything. I am "including" the original files because: 1. They are not mine and the authors deserve the credit. 2. Anyone who wishes to re-create the desktop can do so via the "links" I listed. There are many bluebox users who did not recieve the charcoal file. But under NO condition am I distributing or claiming that any of this is the work of anyone else but the authors.
Tres`ni It's completely allowed to upload other people's styles and I encourage it. This allows for a wider distribution of styles, and also show the author how many people really enjoy using their works. If he had claimed the styles as his own, then I would see a problem, otherwise I say "Upload Away!"
Default And why the hell is bluebox so much better than blackbox?

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