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grey beauty :: dpcdpc11 User dpcdpc11
i'm missing Ubuntu and i wanted to make a gnome like interface... it's mostly bbinterface... the upper menus are visible when clicking on the 2 buttons 'Applications' and 'Utils' and on the right side of the upper bar i have a bbfoomp plugin loaded into the frame and a frame that uses tcl to display the time and date... and on the bottom bar i use systembarex loaded into a frame along with some other frame that displays the CPU and RAM load.
The wallpaper on the desktop is actually flickr yahoo widget..pretty cool thingy this widget... it can load a pic from flickr periodically.
That's about it.. hope you like it! 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style smooth grey by dpcdpc11
Wallpaper pure and innocent by Leanne Lim-Walker 

Lord E nice style.. definitely my type of style. flat (and grey.)
dpcdpc11 glad you like it man!
Lord E. gotta be honest though, if that was my desktop i'd probably spend lotsa time just staring at the wallpaper~
dpcdpc11 trust me man.. been there.. and still doing that!!! i have to take her of my desktop if i wanna do some work! she is magical, isn't she? why can't my girlfriend look more like that? hehehe!!!
roots Nice :P I switched full time to ubuntu, did the gnome thing for a few months got bored and then swent to XFCE, linux rocks my socks off but I still have a xp box kicking about lol. Anyhow I like the style, very noice ;)
iTiVO You kept perfecting that style for quite a bit. Though i don't like the wp color this is nice.
dpcdpc11 glad u like it ppl!! and yes.. i've been perfecting this style for some time. @iTiVO check out my next submission... it think you will like the background color this time. :)
EngineCamel flickr link is required!!!

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