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spring :: mini-man User mini-man
I was bored I guess... 
Shell xoblite
Style spring by mini-man

captain that style is freakin sweet... love it
mini-man ty
Spoofing Wow!!! Wallpaper is super-mega-true!!! =)) I like it.. Big thanks!.. ..And very nice style :)
snkmchnb /me likes
mini-man ty guys. :)
crowmag Nice style mini-man. Good looking menu!. I'm not normally one for the 'utopia' type walls but this one is strangely attractive and suits the style very well..... Backwards Buttons! - shades of Windows 3.1 Batman! That would drive me nuts =O
mini-man Ty. :D And yeah, the buttons were probably the single most craziest thing I've done. Ever. :P But unfortunately I've gotten used to them..if I switch them back, I'll be attempting to close all my windows with the rollup button. :o
captain man i so want to use xoblite... but i just cant have system tray in a diff plugin, it's too tacky.
Pitkon Beautiful and romantic :)
qwilk captain: "i just cant have system tray in a diff plugin" ...?
mini-man Thanks Pitkon. =) captain: you'll get used to it :P

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