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For Helloween :: evolve User evolve
Lil somethin' somethin for halloween 
Shell blackbox
Style helloween by evolve

Pitkon I like the orange mixture, evolve... Good work
oldskull cool work!
evolve Thanks Guys Glad you like it = ]
Pitkon Very good blend of orange hues, evolve... Nice!
dubox great style!
necroboi the horizontal gradient fade works quite well with the wall; well done!
El'Criticon i dont like it >=/
evolve 4out of 5 isn't bad = P
Tres`ni I don't think people who say "I don't like it" without giving reasons count..
uzer halloween will also come with more hidden secrets :) but dont listen to me, its not like I know anything about bbwinskin!
evolve Tres'ni: I agree but I let it go uzer: Stop teasin' man your killin me = P
xo0m quick question - what window skinning utility do you use? i see it everywhere
evolve xo0m it's GradTest you can grab it on the plugins page, It just helps in making a complete Style.
Jesterace I never did figure out how you guys manage to get 2 gradtest.dll on your desktops
Jesterace nice style btw ;)
auto Jesterace: just copy the file and rename it (ie: gradtest2.dll, gradtest3.dll) then you can load multiple copys
Pitkon Hey, looks like it's gonna be trick or bbwinskin for Halloween...

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