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TWELVE :: noka User noka

This is a modification of cthu1hu's "twelve" style, and mucho creditos goes to him.

The Firefox startpage is originally naalo's ATF startpage.
The Miranda contactlist is a mod of Maximhuz' Mice contactlist.
The IEView is a mod of Tostamistica's WOBED IEView Template.
The Visual Style is called Lucid by Oneiro Collective.
I have no ideas about that image.
The icon used for the bbreminder and Miranda is from the gPerfection set by Lokheed.
A few good plugins for BlackBox.
The font is cure, from the Artwiz Font Pack. 
Shell blackbox
Style twelve / 

cthu1hu Very smooth. The VS is lovely.
sexyboy its great! i love it!!, would you realise this style?
noka sure, with cthu1hu's permission i could upload this. it's a fairly moderate modification though, and it doesn't differ much from the original which is already up for grabs at his site. but i could release the miranda clist and ieview, and the firefox start page with the original authors permission ofcourse.
Adam Great style. I would remove the grey bar at the bottom of the windows though. Nevertheless, great shot, as always! :)
cthu1hu Release it if you want to. I'd like to get the start page, as I don't have it anymore...
noka alright, cool. i'll ask around for permissions and release as much as i can on deviantart then. btw, cthu1hu. are you working on anything these days? kinda miss your styles and screenshots. they're always great for inspiration.
cthu1hu Thanks. I got a new Vista laptop a while ago (and my desktop is dying) and don't use blackbox on it, as there's no systray. Sucks because I'm jealous of the desktops like this (and the fact that explorer still crashes infrequently (just had a BSOD)). I, personally, would like to do something with Voidbox; a really good suite or something... Anyway, hope one of the devs starts updating for Vista in earnest.
kowic damn nice...:)...again
noka it's released: link
TXTR keeping it sexy, noka.
noka thanks. long time no see. whats up?
TXTR Not much, just sorta lost the fun in customizing. You? :)
noka oh it'll get back to you :) i had a break for a while too, and it was good, but now its good to be "back" on custoing again. blackbox is so much fun :)
k3ttc4r sweet-o. and, i know what you're talking 'bout.. i didn't do anything lately, either. pretty happy w/ my setup, so i haven't felt like changing it lately..

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