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smile! :: erector! User erector!
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bbleanskin turned off since i like how the titlebar buttons work in this particular vs. style's about as original as most songs on radio nowadays, since it's mostly just copied from the vs. icons on the top left are for recycle bin and my computer (using bbdesktop. any way to make 'em larger). this wallpaper makes me feel pretty cheery! 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style totally unoriginal 

dpcdpc11 cool shot man.. nice style and smiley wall! i see that you have the security icon in systray... go to control panel>administrative tools>services and disable security center service to get rid of that crappy icon... if you want to that is... cheers mate!
erector thanks! i'd forgotten how to do that since it's been quite a while since i last did that (this new computer, fresh OS, etcetc) so yeah. heh. =]

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