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november 17 screenshot :: thewayofzen User thewayofzen
Here's my latest offering. Once upon a time i created a gtk theme by the name of Murrina Rose. Ive revisited that a little bit with this creation.. this time for the xfce gtk engine just cause lately i prefer that.
The screenshot shows openbox 3.4
along with the following

unnamed openbox theme by thewayofzen
unnamed gtk theme by thewayofzen
unnamed wallpaper by thewayofzen
sonata media player
thunar file manager
mirage imageviewer

the font is glisp
the icons are tango

In not sure what else anyone would need to know.. but if there is anything feel free to drop me an email. Ill gladly send you any of this if you want it.
Shell Nix Box
Style unnamed 
Wallpaper unnamed 

TenPlus1 Very nice desktop, I use fbpanel and pcmanfm myself

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