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cthu1hu Brilliant. I'm downloading the dungeon crawl. What is the text editor you're using?
doctorfrog Thanks! That's Notepad++ with a bunch of stuff turned off. And let me know if you have questions about Crawl, it's a roguelike and can be a little unapproachable, but it has a great tutorial.
cthu1hu Is there any difference between crawl.exe and crawl_tiles.exe?
doctorfrog Yes, crawl.exe is the ASCII version, and crawl_tiles.exe is the graphical version you see in my screenie. The game is the same either way, it's just a difference in presentation. You can even save your game and reload it in either executable.
cthu1hu It's a great dungeon crawl. It might tie me over until Diablo 3 comes out.
doctorfrog Yeah, after giving up on Nethack for being too much of a research project, Crawl has hooked me on roguelikes all over again.
snkmchnb that is smooth.

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