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minimal noir :: meanmechanics User meanmechanics
supOr bored 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Wallpaper the end 

Phosphoer Love the combination of the box style with the visual style, clock seems out of place though >.>. Overall really clean!
meanmechanics thanks. the clock is rocket dock, normally it's hidden. I removed all the dock shortcuts and using RD only as a clock and task mgr. After I succeed in removing all icons visibility explorer I'll be completely satisfied. I've considered using xplorer or cubic but recent issues made me stick W explorer
cthu1hu Nice.
meanmechanics thanks! I wanted to destroy something beautiful but...
cthu1hu Haha. That's also a line in a work of literature. Which one escapes me at the moment.
meanmechanics Fight club :-D
AlmostX Good............
cthu1hu ^^ but it's originally from nietzsche, or someone.
meanmechanics thanks almostx. :-) cthu1hu: I've been googling around to see if there are any other authors with the same quote or an approximate and been surprise to see how many. Josh woodward has a song title : I want to destroy something beautiful. I think that the exact quote is from Palahniuk but the concept may be from a European anarchist...or an existentialist. The two are not link of course. From the anarchist thought it would be a demonstration of will power of an indidual over the dictates of society and from the existentialist point of view rather of self realization that we are not free (???err i think...may be not??)'ve just insert a doubt in me...
cthu1hu It appears it's a quote from "The Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand. Never read it but I loathe Rand and objectivism. It's what our conservo-libertarian party here in the US is loosely based on, where altruism is a bad thing. I don't know what Palahniuk's meaning for using it is though.
meanmechanics I think Palahniuk used the quote purposely as a provocative agent in his literature, you must be right though. The whole novel is tinted with fascism, anarchism and Nietzsche's thought. I didn't know Rand but the little I just read has a bad taste of know when a fruit is on it's way to rot... :-)

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