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I'm was a little bored of browsing around and seeing no new desktop customization so I went to litestep but same old S... I downloaded a litestep theme call Zebra and was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity. After a while though I went nuts with the white menu so I mod the theme a little (ouch! not as friendly as bb). Then Mr Boredom came again, came back to bb and created this style. I'm not releasing coz I'm not yet satisfied. The app launcher at the top is Launchtab. I'm surprised it's not much themed, real simple and it's a nice little app. Really smooth.  
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Wallpaper vplants I don't remember the number but it's on dA 

valid this would look great with bbwintrans or similar. Also, what is the VS?
meanmechanics Haru link I scarcely use transparency. There's two reasons for that I'm a sucker concerning resources and I find it not easy on the eye but I agree it adds to beauty
cthu1hu Nice
meanmechanics Thanks! I'm starting to think that bitmap/png skinning in bb is definitely the next step...but something very basic, not like litestep...
cthu1hu Unka has a working version. He was having problems with alpha transparencies though.
meanmechanics Don't know a thing about programing but the little app launcher, LaunchTab, uses transparencies...
cthu1hu What I meant to say was (hadn't had my coffee) that unka has a working skinnable blackbox, but 24bit alpha doesn't work yet in all skinned areas.

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