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Ok!Ok! It's not Rocketship link from phosphoer. You know sometime you start somewhere and you end up everywhere but where you planned to go. Finally I succeded in the installation of Utbox after asking for some help on the forums and getting(I think that I scratched Kenaku's feelings with my comments..?? :-D)...anyway I really like Utbox and I think I'm going to show my new blackbox branch/fork around. That's what completely changed my plans to make a clone of Phosphoer's style and VS...
Phos icons look a bit like micron2 and the latter is iconpackaged (I'm lazy!!), his VS very nice but I felt compeled to use something lite becoz of my shiny screen and I added qtab (to have tabs in explorer) to Explorer so as to be able to use styler toolbar and Explorer that I find practical on Windows  
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style flatliner1 by MEANMECHANICS
Wallpaper Forgot but it to find its on pixelgirl i think 

phosphoer Interesting, is that menu to the top left done by utBox? I like the style a lot!
cthu1hu I don't like the styling on the systembar too much, and the fonts could jive better, but nice nonetheless.
meanmechanics Phosphoer: Yeah! almost everything is native to utbox, it's a sucker on user friendliness to customize and you'll find out why in my answer to cthu1hu. Cthu1lu: I hate the fonts! But each time I change them to snap (my prefered font) it come back from time to time. I understand the thought behind installing the whole thing in windows system 32 folder but hell it make things harder for an end user like me to mod. Bbstylemaker and utbox? forget it! The system bar is another issue, the style I am using looks good in a classical fork but here with bbinterface+systembarex+bbstylemaker not working as usual... I completely drop the idea of styling Utbox until I study the thing a bit. That was for negative points. In all I find Utbox concept really refreshing and nice, the emulation of the windows task bar is very nice finally. At first, when I was struggling to install it, I really didn't like this pseudo task bar but now I must say I find it nice.
cthu1hu I might give it another try. I haven't tried to customize it in earnest. I'm hooked on bb4win_mod though.
meanmechanics It's worth to give it a real try! me it's bblean, I don't know why but bb4win_mod always bug on me...

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