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my xptango :: meanmechanics User meanmechanics
Sometimes I think that I post too many screenshot and style here...mainly coz when I visit boxshots I see my nick spread around like as if I want to be fav... It would be an error if you think so, there 3 reasons for that:
1. I'm a compulsive desktop customizer. I can't resist modding, theming or whatever it's call.
2. I really love the shell and naively I think that if I can show how nice, and how much I love the shell, the dev will ever and ever maintain the bb4win/bblean. (blame it on disney, I watch the damn channel every saturday)
3. Why on earth would I customize this lot if it wasn't for some show off?

VS : link

True transparency: link

Icons (Iconpackager): link

There's a 4th and 5th reasons : I really like the people here. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style my xptango by meanmechanics
Wallpaper the peper project on DA 

Phosphoer Pretty :) I like the lack of title bars on the windows. I'm addicting to modding too :p
cthu1hu Don't worry about over posting. Your shots are much appreciated.
meanmechanics tks!

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