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Windows must die? :: Spoofing User Spoofing
* sorry for russian language.
* sorry about my english.

So, this is my Windows XP SP2. Very secure, I think.

TCPView: All ports closed, no open sockets
Command line: Working internet (google), my local network.
Task manager: Minimum of running processes. By default: only 10.
Services: only 6 running services.

On start, when desktop loaded - use only ~50 mb RAM

No firewall, no antivirus program. 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style bringSpringBackPlz 
Wallpaper Spring 

Furao You've done miracles, mate. I don't even see the *box process?
Listen_music Furao, he just renamed blackbox.exe in explorer.exe and I think it is special for viruses and lulz :D
meanmechanics spoofing you're a geek!!! that's very nice!

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