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silent now :: meanmechanics User meanmechanics
I have a very small screen that’s very bright (Asus eee pc 1005ha) and bright themes, vs suite me in outdoor.

Wp :link

VS : link:meanmechanics/9691697&qo=25

styler toolbar : link:meanmechanics/9691697&qo=38

Icons :
ip: link:meanmechanics/9691697&qo=20

dock for avedesk : link

Bblean 1.17 style : me

Not shown but by personal taste i think it compliment the rest :
winamp : link:meanmechanics/9691697&qo=45

cad : link:meanmechanics/9691697&qo=44

bootskin : link:meanmechanics/9691697&qo=48

shutoff: link

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh. boxshots i miss you! Not uploading style cause it's unfinish business but god I'm glad i had some time to drop this :-) 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style silent now 
Wallpaper good morning, dear 

doctorfrog heh, just saw your entry over at don't let them get you down, they're good folk, but they judge screenshots like they're impressionist paintings or something. it's a good place to get ideas, though. imo, what bothers me the most here is the tray. it looks more out of place than anything else. bblean has really poor tray options, i'm afraid.
meanmechanics Hi drfrog! The tray is the real down point...but hey can't let them win that one! :-) To be honest I'm not just reluctant to change the f... tray it's also that I always hesitate on manipulating Windows this much. It's my phobiia, had an xp where I've hack a pay prog and the blue screen is really killer for me. After two years with vista only last week that I've decided to hack browseui.dll... The funny part is that I really like every one at pf, think they are very goooood. :-) I'm just provocative because sometimes I get nerves when I see them ignore some of the themers that I like...

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