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classic :: xo0m User xo0m
i forget where i got this wallpaper...but i had to get it cuz the mac classic was the first computer i actually enjoyed 
Shell blackbox
Style granite orange by snkmchnb 

Inauro Simple, clean, and it features a IIe. What more could you ask for?
Jesterace what in the heck is in the topleft corner of the screen the im icons? btw i leant on an mac like that in school with a b&w screen, back in the day when i was in highschool, good ol claris works. hehe
Inauro Black and white? Shit. When i was at school, all comps had green and black monitors. Eat your heart out Warchowski brothers, the Matrix is not a new thing.
xo0m the top left corner is a trillian skin rolled up,...if i click on it, it expands to show the entire buddy list...neat huh?

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