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Recharge :: Pitkon User Pitkon
A technical style. The Sonique skin is, of course, the famous e-razor by vendicator... 
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Style Recharge by Pitkon
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Inauro Great work, Pitkon. Being a die-hard WinAmp fan i hate Sonique with a passion...but you almost make me change my mind. This is another great total package style.
Pitkon Thanx, Inauro :) Don't u find Winamp too monolithic sometimes? I do... lol.
ZenLC Winamp is too monolithic....Sonique gave me huge problems last time I tried to use it.... I use Foobar now :). No pretty skins, just outstanding performance.
Inauro Yeah, i tried Foobar for a while, but found it was screwing with my sound settings in some strange fashion. In all honesty, if you're using Mutliamp it hardly matters which player you use because you never see it. Still, i like Winamp. Winamp 2 that is (or the Winamp 5 alpha which i am currently using). Not that POS Winamp 3, /shudder.
Pitkon ZenLC: U must refer to Sonique2. The good old Sonique was rock steady...
dubox nice tech style :)
Pitkon Thanx, dubox... :)
necroboi nice one :) .. um, those aren't ''copper-tops' so it's anyone's guess how long those batteries will last
Pitkon Thanx, necroboi. And lol...

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