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Modified_final :: Inauro User Inauro
Finally got around to finishing the style, hope someone likes it enough to download it.

The background was put together by my friend at Differentdays, but the core image and the title are from the 3rdBASS site which can be found here link .

Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style Modified by Inauro
Wallpaper Modified by Differentdays. Image by 3rdBASS 

Pitkon I liked it the first time around, I like it thesecond time around, probably will like it any times after that. Good work, Inauro...
dubox yeah, bass in my face :)
necroboi i like it - now all i have to do is get that image and mod it too, hehe
Tres`ni /me adds this to his list of much loved screenshots/wallpapers.. Oh yeah, the style is nice too :-P

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