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iDesigns2 :: Pitkon User Pitkon
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style iDesigns by pitkon (,,
Wallpaper iDesignsby iondarie http:\\ 

clovemagic I think I do prefer this style to the other one. And these are the icons that look so great. Artfully configured.
Pitkon Thanx, clove! And I replied about the icons in the other version's comments :)
clovemagic Re: your reply to my remarks in the other version's comments -- yes! I'd love to have the set, if you don't mind, Pitkon. And if you have some Waldo icons, you can send them to Nightbreed. Can we get even more confused? :-D
Pitkon Sure on the Notes set. And sure on the more confused part. I can add some comments about ur work on one of snk's screenies... I can hear Tres'ni... "Chidren, behave... Children!" :rofl:
silverspider i see the paper clips :lol: Good one Pete
Pitkon Great, Gilly, u have good eyes! :D So nice to see u here! :hug:
Schmots I see your using Ceeslans "Notes" wharf icons.. man that guy could theme

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