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grasshopper :: crowmag User crowmag
I wanted to do a style using the new Blackbox 0.7.0 syntax, then circa1974 posted a link to this wall with a post that read "make a style for this". Long story short - here's my first style using the new style syntax. Didn't have the nads to use the goggles like Gary - I'd be still trying to get that right come next June, best to stay within my limits :)

Hell, I don't even know If the style will work on sum1 elses puter =P

Wallpaper: link

3DC included.
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style grasshopper by crowmag
Wallpaper Reality_1024x768_by_pyxelated.jpg 

snkmchnb this is beautifully done, crowmag
auto Lovely style.
Nightbreed lol... This is done very well. The use of flesh tone in the menus captures a nice mood
crowmag Thanks y'all for the encouragement, I'm really anxious to see how this style works in Fluxbox, what I have to fix if it doesn't and to play around more with the new syntax!!! Except, I've got to attend a wedding today - which means stiff cloths, stiff shoes and crying women... oh, and I have to drive. JK, i'm sure it will be a lovely day.
Pitkon This is really excellent - and a winner for me, at least for the time being...
crowmag Thanks Pitkon, I'm really curious to see your take on this wall, hope you get those permissions soon!
dubox very nice style, crowmag!

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