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Edge Flipping for BB4Win 2004-03-04 15:24:14
bladestaylor has a new plugin for all you BB4Win'ers to enjoy:
bbEdgeFlip is a plugin that allows you to change workspaces by simply placing your mouse at the edge of the screen. You can set the distance from the edge that your mouse pointer has to be and the time between flips so you can "scroll" through your workspace I guess :P Check out the short text file or try the plugin for yourself right now!

-- update --
bbEdgeFlip 0.0.3 is released. Note: It does not work with xoblite!
New features include:
- drag windows between workspaces Note: Does not work with BBWinSkin, works with BBHook and/or BBLeanSkin.
- set initial delay before moving to another workspace
- pick placement and height of "hotspots"

See the offical release note here
Comments: 7   by: Tres`ni

cthu1hu I hope BBWinSkin support will come around for this great plugin.
bladestaylor I think bbws needs to be modified a little, and then it'll work. It works with windows that you exclude from skinning...bbef won't let you drag command-prompt windows, though.
auto Just to let you know the previous release worked fine with the new xoblite bb2, i havent tried 0.3 but ill let you know.
NC-17 yes, qwilk has added in a few api functions into bb2 rather grudgingly tbh and i dont blame him. hopefully in the future we can sort out the api a bit.
bladestaylor new version...0.0.4: link bbEdgeFlip.txt: link forum: link
bladestaylor new version...0.0.5: link bbEdgeFlip.txt: link forum: link
The Wizard_69 This is brillant very useful good work

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