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2 Plugins and a little lady 2004-03-17 12:11:04
There's a new developer in town, Kaloth has released 2 plugin for your BB4Win enhancement!

First of we have BBGesture, "It's a gesture recognition plugin. It allows you to draw a custom shape on the gesture pad (press the windows key to bring it up) to launch applications." It's been compared to StrokeIt in functionality, but nothing beats having a plugin do all the work for ya :) Direct download here to avoid working around GeoCities :)

Next up is BBoscilliscope. Everyone loves visualizations, and here's one that you can play with no matter what you use for you media player. It uses the recording settings on your sound card to capture the current system sounds and renders the oscilliscope accordingly. Direct download here.

Today we also bring you some more BBInterface scripts:
psyci created this Dock like script (download rc or zipped).

arcangel33 has done a very nice FooAmp BBInterface Script. "This is an Amp shelf currently set to use FooBar and includes the images. It's set for 600 pixels across for compatibility, so you will have to move it around.... The playlist button currently doesn't work because BBInterface will not accept quotes within quotes for commands... " (Quote from linked thread). You can get the zip file here for those who don't want to have to figure out UUEncode decoding :)

Lastly (but not leastly), mimeryme also has a FoobarControl BBInterface Script! Similar, but without as much functionality as arcangel33's. "Arc, I made a similar config as well, but didn't think to put the app shutdown, open, and playlist buttons or even the hide dock like open/close function. I even made some simple black buttons similar to multiamp's buttons, but I combined the play and the pause buttons and put mine w/ the main volume control.
I've included more bitmaps than actually used (alternates that were made but decided against using to keep the config minimal)." (Quote from linked thread).
You can get it here or here.

Sorry, I lied about the little lady, but I did give you 3 BBI scripts, that makes up for it right? :P
Comments: 4   by: Tres`ni

sMs is the foobar control by arcangel for foobar 0.7? or 0,8? why the buttons draws (play , stop...)dont change the color when changing style?
Tres`ni The buttons don't change as they are bitmaps. It didn't say which version of foobar so I am unsure (ask in the thread)
Arc Angel I'm using 8, but it should work with 7... as far as the buttons are concerned, what version of windows are you using?
sMs using windows xp service pack 1

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