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Making psudo apps in BBInterface 2004-05-19 21:28:58
I just found a way to create small, or so called small distributable mini applications with BBInterface. This makes it easy to create an interface and make it totally packageable and usable to others.
1) Make a seperate directory inside your plugins directory that going to contain your new interface.
2) Copy the BBInterface dll to that directory and rename it. Use something that matches your interface you are creating.
3) build your interface and store all the graphics in that directory.

Then load that new dll in the Load/Unload or edit your plugins.cfg file to include the new renamed bbinterface.dll
Example: I created an isolated Mixer interface and renamed the BBInterface.dll to BBMixer.dll

Now when you need to call up a new interface, you can just call the newly named plugin :)
Comments: 11   by: Nightbreed

Nightbreed An important note: Make sure you have your other interfaces unloaded when you are creating a new one
Nightbreed A side note: You can do this sort of thing with almost any plugin including the BBSlit. I just found out with the slit so I haven't done anything with it yet ;)
I.R.Keeler meaning multiple slits running at once?
Nightbreed they will load, but because there is no way at the moment to load items into the second slit
Nightbreed Try this with bbicons. You can have a set of icons that call other sets. For example: an icon that's created as just a general graphics apps icon. click that an it launches a bbgraphicsIcon.dll and that contains a graphic set. Setting your computer into a graphics environment.
Nightbreed scratch the bbicon thing.. It doesn't work too well. It works, but not the way I expected it.
jegHegy maybe it would be a good idea to rename BBInterface.dll to something that still tells us that it's BBInterface and not a separate plugin. like BBI-BBMixer.dll or something similar.
Theo I think that a good idea to create parts of interface, but i rather stick to loading and unloading bbinterface scripts, because making separate dlls for every part makes it a little bit difficult for me to find a concret plugin in the plugins submenu...
Nightbreed About finding the plugins in the menu. The idea is to not directly load the plugins. But to have your main interface access them. Just like programming when a main app calls upon a dll. When I click the mixer button or the favorite themes menu on my sidebar, that loads the dll. I never have to access the menu anymore to load plugins because the access is built into my interace
Nightbreed My mixer has the ability to save it's location and it's ontop state. as does the favaorite themes menu and about box. Several other small apps I have saves it's info. It's alot easier to have them save to their own config file then to save to the main rc. My media player sends a Timer command to tell a button which player is selected to play and the time blinks that button as you can see in my screenshot
sMs damn, i wanna pooh

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