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BBInterface Tutorial 2004-06-20 04:28:38
I made a little BBI tutorial on one part of my BBI configuration. If somebody wants to take a look at it use the story link.
Comments: 6 story link by: Theo

Stocker hey, the tutorial is great - quite clean, and straight to the point. I liked it! howver, the story link is broken, it should be [url link
Stocker Crap... I'll never get used to this url handlers :) It should be link
Pitkon At last, Theo... Someone should have done this a long time ago... :)
AJ great work Theo thanks for putting this together
clovemagic Your second tutorial appears equally englightening. I'm not as into the fadin/slide show thing as you guys are (go figure :P), but I may try it with some other applications.
Theo Thanx all, i didnt used fading myself. The tutorial was made 5 min. after i had the idea of doing it... :-)

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