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Windows *box Users Survey 2004-07-19 15:26:56
I've written a survey, kindly hosted by Shell-Shocked, to try and determine usage habits and styles of Windows *box users. This could be useful to developers, who can see what may be needed in the shell or in a plugin. It should also be fun just to see how many people use what kinds of setups. The results (pie charts and all) will be posted as an article in the next issue of Shell-Shocked (#9 just came out, so that would be #10).
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Ravi Participation so far has been really excellent. No doubt in part due to this site.
looper Yes, it's going really well. :)
NC-17 i hope rather than saying, such a percentage used bblean, or such a percentage of *box users are over 18, that you guys try to tie certain statistics together in the report - like, a higher percentage who use xoblite are over 35 compared bb4win, or whatever.
looper Yeah, I want to look at the stats in diff. ways, like you're saying. Like, multitaskers tend to prefer X, Y, & Z in a shell, and people who've been using their *box shell for over 6 months prefer A, B, C. Etc. Those are the kinds of things I wanna find out from the survey.
gv "a higher percentage who use xoblite are over 35 compared bb4win" ahem *cough* *cough*

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