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...introducing xoblite bb2... :D 2004-11-12 20:18:26
Hello all,

after 14 1/2 months of development, xoblite bb2 is finally ready for the world! :D

Some of the new features in this release...

# Introducing xoblite *THEMES*! :D
-> change all aspects of the *box interface with a single click of a menu item!
# Automatic version checking and updating of the core + plugins ("AutoUpdate")
# Font drop shadow support for all core user interface elements
# Built-in command scripting support (@Script)
# Lots of cool new core bro@ms, including LoadPlugin/UnloadPlugin, CheckForUpdates and PausedRestart
# Three exclusive new menu bullets: Triple, Comment and Grid! :D
# Menu separators
# Right+Mid click actions for menu items (e.g. edit file, set as wallpaper, copy path to clipboard)
# Second generation slit puzzle positioning
# Send bro@ms from external applications using Blackbox.exe -broam <string>
# "Safe mode": Hold down the CTRL key to disable loading of plugins at startup... :)
# Updated *box API support for improved plugin compatibility
# Updated xoblite bb1 styles + new styles x-ashes and qtopia
# ...and much, much more! :D ->

Download: ...x marks the spot... :D ->
Feedback: Yes please, by email or a post on the forums! ->

Finally, to my awesome beta testing team: I really couldn't have done it without you - thank you all for your feedback, support and friendship during the past 14 1/2 months! :D

BR//Karl -> qwilk
Comments: 9 story link by: qwilk

auto I had a great time beta testing, i hope everyone is enjoying the release.
Rev Man. I so wish some of these features were available in BBLean. heh.
thewayofzen beta testing was fun as hell. thanks so much for letting me take part!!
Pitkon An excellent alternative shell, with enough features to make ur mouth water... Congratulations, qwilk! Of course, I loved the Theme ability most of all (something that I bet will make every themer/style author like me happy) but I enjoyed other goodies, like the middle click/styles-alt+mid
click-themes novelty, the drop shadow effect, the new bullets, the professional and functional all-round approach. Plus, some great styles by qwilk. Now, things I didn't like (I didn't play with the shell enough to know if there is a way around these, so I'm just mentioning them, hoping there are solutions I didn't notice yet): 1) Sub-menus can't be detached from the main menu(s) and they can't stay on top after they r clicked on (something that can save the user lots of clicks). 2) Once u click on the toolbar and/or the systembar to bring up menus and u change ur mind, u can't get rid of them. Right-click doesn't work on the titles. U have to either left click on the toolbar, in the case of the toolbar menu, or to do something silly in the case of the systembar menu :) 3) The height of the toolbar can't be adjusted, even with bigger fonts, something I found rather annoying. Last but not least, I half-expected to see multiamp bb5 included in the package. :) Other than that, the shell works just fine - and it was worth waiting for. Kudos, qwilk!
qwilk Thanks for the great feedback Pitkon! :D I'll see what I can do about multiamp bb5 once I get some coding energy back! =] (drop me an email and I'll comment on the other stuff too... )
yoo8309 multiamp bb5 ? download link ?
cthu1hu Love the drop shadows, new bullets. Congrats on an awesome shell.
Fatman About bleedin' time. :P Thanks for the beta, though I know I was pretty useless as a tester... now eagerly awaiting Xoblite bb3 with complete 3D interface, octaphonic sound effects, intuitive reasoning, speech recognition and bogon filter. ;)
hi_fri thanks for xoblite great windows shell love it for gameing absoultely the sh=it.If I can test bb3 would be a honor aloha

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