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Bluebox 03/10/05 snapshot 2005-03-15 23:04:31
there's a new Bluebox snapshot available thanks to SowWn. some misc. bug fixes +

~ Menus made more unixy
+ Added support for new Blackbox themes, by req for snkmchnb

Comments: 3 story link by: snkmchnb

ser VI Nice it`s one that looks more like that linux boxes
thewayofzen Bluebox seems pretty cool with the exception of a few bugs that really need working out. Menu hilite gradients and text are not recognised properly. It plays havoc on some window sizing (xchat silverex build). Takes forever to load on an xp machine (used to happen in the 4win branches until fix was found).. toolbar needs to recognize unfocus windows as parentrelative.. or at least handle them the flux way (using the unfocus window label as toolbar) rather then seeing them as the windowlabel. Then it also needs to see the focus window either as the windowlabel.. or as the flux way (focus window label as colors). I guess im just being a picky whiner.. but the shell would be really cool if the devs were to address some of these problems.
snkmchnb maybe you should email SowWn and tell him that you are interested in getting some of these bugs fixed, as well as anyone else who is interested in using Bluebox.

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