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BBIconbox by Grishka 2005-04-05 11:18:44
    bbIconBox displays icons in a box for either
- the contents of a folder
- the currently running tasks
- or the systemtray

Comments: 7 story link by: Tres`ni

Kaloth What's the requirements of this plugin? I tried it under xoblite on windows xp and it doesn't load. Do I need bblean?
ser VI For me with BBLean works fine. It's a great think. It will be fine if over the same spirit could have a plugin to browse a directory and set the wallpaper. Or a random wallpaper setter from a directory.
frantic Since I can't code, I've been begging various people to write something like this for ages. It's a fantastic plugin for all those who miss the desktop drag and drop functionality. Works great, fantastic options, great work, Grischka.
Pat This is a wonderfull plugin. It might be even more usefull if there would be a filter option
phryne lorry Wonderful! Easy to set up and use, even an alternative to task management. Readme suggests context menus for the I misreading that? Everything else works great.
Phaeton2k wow, this is awesome, now blackbox is perfect! but is therea any possibility to sort the icons?
looper I have to agree, this is a *great* plugin. It's bringing me back to Blackbox. :) A nice compromise between the usability of a desktop and the clean look of Blackbox. Phryne lorry: context menus work fine here for directories.

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