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Styles Pack Updated (finally) 2006-03-14 12:20:29
Okay, for all of you begging for a new styles pack, your pleas have finally been heard ;) Yours truly finally got off his pompus rear and mad a new styles back over 1 year after the last release. If anyone is not credited the way they want for their styles [or if you use another psuedonym I need to know about] please let me know and I'll add it to my style pack making script so it will be correct in the future.

Also check out the wiki and help contribute to the documentation effort!

Off to my hide out I go agian.
Comments: 9   by: Tres`ni

cthu1hu I've got two styles under my name that aren't mine. No big deal though.
Tres`ni Which ones? And do you know who actually did them. The info is pulled from the styles [for the most part] so is the style file crediting you?
cthu1hu atomfarm.1 and minix2. yeah the styles are crediting me...
Malnilion I don't know if this is the best place to say this, but damnit, we need a logo for the wiki!
Nightbreed There should be some way for authors to update their own styles and have the ability to post a style to a screenie that doesn't have one.
cthu1hu I really would like to delete all of my styles and maybe start over with newer ones. I cringe just thinking about what I have in the pack now. yeesh. I'm guessing I'll just have to live with it though.
Nightbreed I think having older styles flying about shows progression. It's always cool to go back on old styles and see how blackbox is advancing in style creation.
snkmchnb Nightbreed: agreed. i've looked at my styles from when i first started up to present and the difference is amazing.
Malnilion Well, it comes from people tinkering with different effects and discovering really neat ways of doing things. I believe I'm a better stylist just from looking at a shitload of screenshots :)

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