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BBRun 0.0.1b2 & bbPutty 0.0.5 2006-04-28 09:21:02
No rest for the wicked, in this case being me, s0rg, and the-r-. Could be wrong, but I thought I posted this news story yesterday ;) . Alright everyone, line up and get your latest plugin releases right here!

First off [and in no particular order] is bbRun 0.0.1 beta 2. Called the "first officially announced" build this should appease those of you who didn't want to use just any old beta, but an officially announced beta ;) No detailed changelog, but it seems to now support enviromental variables (ie %PATH%) and "a sort of 'console-menu dir browsing'. " whatever that means ;) . Wow, smiley pimping today.. Download this build at the forums.

Last but not least, bbPutty is up and running at version 0.0.5. Changelog is worth a thousand of my words if you ask me:
0.0.5 - fixed bug with spaces in session name (thank txGreg!)
+ minor optimizations and fixes

So for people like me who name there sessions, "WHY THE HECK DID I DO THIS", you are now in luck :P Download this one at the forums as well.

And I think I'm about news posted out.
Comments: 3 story link by: Tres`ni

cthu1hu I like bbrun, but I hope it gets skinned with blackbox elements someday.
xavier-dl ...Name there sessions? ...Name their sessions... *rolls his eyes*
Tres`ni I'm a History major, I don't need to know my grammar :P Sorry...

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