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bbRun 0.0.4 2006-05-12 19:52:30
Quick post to let everyone know that bbRun has been updated, doulbe the pleasure, double the fun, or something like that.
bbRun 0.0.4 2006/05/11:

-added: basic command help in "About" dialog, accessed thru '?' button.
-added: support (with forced focus) for single LWIN or RWIN hotkey through bbkeys, with show/close mode. the focus problem was not related to bbRun.
-added: bbRun can open at x,y position.
-added: no-close hack. When activated, bbrun will re-open always when 'OK' (or )
-added: some MRU optimizations, such as reset, auto-selected text,... (aliases excluded at the moment)
-added: MRU is now optional.
-fixed: MRU bugs (completed code and bad calculations resolved)
-change: '?' in "bbrun?" alias had strange behavior (it loaded even when typing only first letter/s), so I removed it. I think it's something related to BBAPI. I'll try to find why it happens.

Download at litb or xoblite.
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