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BBInterface 0.9.85 2006-05-20 10:04:25
As mentioned in this forum thread, we have a new release of BBInterface, and the return of one of our "prodical son" programmers, psyci!

psyci and pkt-zer0 teamed up for this new release of BBInterface and, according to the now official site, it's just a sign of things to come!

Here's what's new since 0.9.71:

Winamp Agent
* Attach track position to any slider control [psyci]
* Attach current track title to any text field (button caption, label caption, etc) [psyci]

System Monitor Agent (NEW!)
* Attach CPU usage to to any slider control [psyci]
* Attach physical memory, virtual memory, and page file usage any slider control [psyci]
* Attach battery usage any slider control [psyci]

BBInterface Control Agent (NEW!)
* Make controls visible or invisible with any event (like a button click) [psyci]
(Yes, this could be done before with scripting, but is now easily accessible in the menu)

Window Properties
* Custom-defined styles for buttons & labels [pkt-zer0]
* Make window invisible after control or blackbox loses focus [psyci]

Download at the official site.
Comments: 8 story link by: Tres`ni

sMs awesome work.... we missed u psyci
cthu1hu wow, great work guys.
lol really now, nobody cares about psyk or w/e the fuck his name is. hes a highschool dropout with no future. awesome work? why would you say that, hes contributed baby shit that no one will use. i hate the corny atmosphere on all these freeware projects. its ridiculous. and after spitting the truth this msg will get erased like all the true words usually do. i just wanted to say all of you are losers, and none of you _really_ know what you're doing. "oh man i'm a coderrrrr", yarrr i'm a fucking retard. realize this, none of you created blackbox and none of you could. the ones that don't talk about programming are the ones that actually get stuff done. GO HOME thx
Malnilion Woo, look at Mr. Lol being high and mighty. I'd like to point out that no single person created Blackbox. It was a collaboration of like-minded coders who contributed pieces of code to the greater body of work. If you despise the atmosphere of open source software communities (not freeware, mind you, there is a difference...or maybe you don't know there's a difference?), you have one perfectly acceptable option: don't use the software and ignore the community who does use it. That seems pretty simple to me. I'd like to point out to everyone that there is no real point to the above argument except to be in dissent and try to get a rise out of us. I think it should be left up because, Mr. Lol, you have successfully elicited a laugh from this humble Blackbox user and I'd like others to have the chance to laugh at the pointless disagreement put forth. P.S. If you plan on flaming again on the Net, please take the following advice into consideration: 1) Have a point to your argument; people will laugh at you otherwise; 2) use proper grammar; even if your argument is infantile, using proper grammar can get you brownie points; 3) think about the purpose of your rant, figure out what is really making you mad (I'm going to bet the true source of your anger is not knowing how to use the software...but maybe that's a guess, I don't know), and if your anger is justifiable argue your points in a clean, concise manner. Notice that, in this post of mine, I have not said, "Yarrr, you're a stupid noob." No, I wouldn't say that because I realize that ad hominem attacks are one of the most childish of devices that people attempt to use in arguments.
ElricFate I dunno, dude. I would have liked a pirate reference in response to his annoying attack. But hey, can't have everything you want, I guess.
NC-17 Naa we can't erase lol's message. It makes me lol :)
Nightbreed Folks, be sure to check the download link posted above regularly. BBI is still getting constant updates.
pkt-zer0 Thanks, lol, if you didn't say this plugin was shit, I wouldn't have figured out on my own. Nor would the rest who are seemingly satisfied with its performance. Oh well. Also, is it so hard to imagine that people are doing this sort of stuff for fun, and other things for serious? Bah.

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