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psyci is getting married! 2006-09-07 21:09:54
In a post on Lost in the Box forums, psyci informed the BB4Win community that he is in the process of planning his wedding!
psyci, your work on various projects has benefitted the BB4Win community immensely, but you are about to do something that is bigger than anything else in the world. Congratulations, mate, the BB4Win community wishes you the best of luck!
Comments: 7   by: Malnilion

cthu1hu Congratulations!
thewayofzen all the best. if you approach marriage with the attention youve given the community all will be well. Congratulations.
Nightbreed congrats man..!
nsleep seriously, nobody cares.
dgen iop..congratulations :D
snkmchnb congrats man! i wish you all the best.
Fatman Congrats psyci! And good luck, women are crazy.

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