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bbLean 1.16z becomes BBClean 2007-01-14 23:10:02
Rewritten with new futures we have BBClean, a lot of new features and candy to play with. If you were playing with bbLean 1.16z or the bblean_mod you should probably check this out. Contains the most wanted features of both (including volume control in the menu) and is under active development. A big hand to Zeytok for the release!
Comments: 2   by: Tresni

gv This is all good stuff, but isn't it worth setting up a SourceForge project to hold the code, or (even better) using the existing bb4win SourceForge project?
Tres`ni I do believe I offered to do that for him, if not I'm making to offer now. I can either set him up with his own space on the bb4win cvs repo or I can host svn for him personally (as the bb4win project does not currently have svn setup.)

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