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BBInterface Mods 2007-02-08 10:16:15
We have 2 new bbInterface mods for you. dah4m5ter graced us with a bbInterface mod of 0.9.89 supporting iTunes.

* track position & volume control via sliders
* play/pause (switchbutton)
* track time elapsed / remaining / total
* track name, artist and album
* various agents (prev, next, play, pause, stop, etc.)
* options to disable iTunes and/or Winamp controls (although they require a reconfigure to work - I guess this could be improved....)

Since I often used hotkeys with my tcl-bb control, I thought it would be nice to have bro@ms to toggle play/pause and the like:

* bro@ms to trigger (switch-) buttons (e.g. @BBInterface Control Trigger PlayPause LeftMouseUp)
* bro@ms to increase/decrease slider values (e.g. @BBInterface Control Increment iTunesVolume -2)

Holy cow is that an update or what?! Download

One of our Japanese forum readers pointed out that there is another mod of bbInterface that supports iTunes as well as some system monitoring done by another Japanese developer named kazmix. Apparently it is also based off of 0.9.89 and has been dubbed 0.9.9k.

Additional works
Diskspace Monitor Agent
*Text(2 patterns: "xx.xGB" or "xx%")
*Scale Value

Network Monitor Agent
*Double Value (use only Autoscaled graph agent)

Autoscaled graph Agent

iTunes Support Agent
iTunes Control (Play, Stop, etc...)
Playing track information text (title, artist, album, etc ...)
Playing track Artwork
iTunes state (boolean value)

Select font face & size

"Detect Fullscreen App" option
Hide when an application goes fullscreen.

And to add to the bunch kazmix has also released a simple iTunes controller based on bro@m messages, for those who don't want the who BBInterface experience ;)


You can find kazmix's archived older versions here.

P.S. a little birdy says there might be an updated multiamp soon that supports iTunes as well ;)
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