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Massive Update 2007-05-29 13:38:45
I apologize for the lack of updates on plugins and releases, I've been busy I promise ;D Try to make my stops in the forum to help out where I can, but.. So here we go *deep breath*

If you didn't really think I was busy, then this should proved it. I released BBLeanable on April 28th and never posted :D. This plugin lets you run StyleMaker and BBNote under the new mods and xoblite. Dynamic style changes do not work yet though. Download/story
bbBroamTunes has been updated for better compatibility with xoblite. To my knowledge everything else is the same as the previous release. story

Also from kazmix is a release of bbInterfacemod_iTunes 0.9.9k9c fixing an issue with reading/writing settings. story

the-r- has resurfaced with bbBroam, a plugin originally intended as the frontend for bbRun. Grab the download here. Thanks to a contribution from unkamunka, bbBroam works with xoblite!

Almost a year after the last release of bbRun, the-r- brought use the new and inproved bbRun 0.0.6! Your replacement run box for bb4win has a whole slew of fixes and new features, too many to list here. Read the changelog and grab the download here.

In shell news, The_CyberShadow released some patches for the bbLean_mod sources that are designed to increase stability. Myself and noccy successfully patched the BBClean sources and were able to release updated BBClean binaries. Check out the latest BBClean with The_CyberShadow's patches here. Noccy also fixed an issue with ampersands & being interpreted as underscores in the menus.

Remember you can keep up on all the latest news in the Lost in the Box forums.
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