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bbLeanLess 0.0.3 2007-08-23 09:22:13
monohouse has released a new version of his bbLean 1.16 modification designed to increase speed and reduce memory usage through optimization and reduction of features. While named LeanLess it's actually more lean, a lean with less fat, a trimmer, happier bbLean after lipo. Yeah, I'm drawnin a blank now ;) Grab the download at monohouse's homepage.
Comments: 3 story link by: Tres`ni

cthu1hu Very interesting site he has. None of his downloads are presently working though. I wish someone would take vanilla bblean and just add custom bullets..
Tres`ni It was working at one point, I actually downloaded it a while back.. Not sure what's up with it. I think it's available through as well.. I'll double check.
monohouse it wasn't there for the past 2 months, but now it is back

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