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New Blackbox Build! 2015-02-10 04:12:41
Mojmir offered his new build of BBZero, which includes all goodies from his previous builds, plus:

* fixed wallpaper bug (bsetbg/bsetroot/.. ) under windows "susan boyle" 8.x
* merged bbSearch into main branch (new feature, may be bit unstable)
* fixed [inspath] in menu
* some menu related crash
* per core usage sysmonitor for bbinterface
* added /norestart for 1st redist on x64 platform (avoiding to restart twice)
* fix of bbstylemaker ui from user KillingSpree
* fix of bbLeanSkin titlebar actions from user Kaze

Get it from here (you have to register first if you aren't already a member, it's a measure against spamming)
Comments: 2   by: Pitkon

st0rm I miss the old days when blackbox actually looked better than the standard windows 2000/XP :( But then again, Windows 10 has taken a giant leap back in terms of graphics style.
Pitkon I beg to disagree. Giant leap? Windows 10? Really? Most austere build ever.

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