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1oh1 :: auto User auto
My first screenshot showing off xoblite bb2 ;] 
Shell xoblite
Style 1oh1 

freeb0rn nice. border is a bit heavy tho.
jeff i didn't even know there was a bb2!
auto yeah maybe i should change the border a little.
Pitkon This one is good, too; is multiamp slitted or a trick like the one I use? :)
kreven is there a link to the new bb2 ?
kreven is there a link to the new bb2 ?
sMs it is obvious multiamp is slitted
auto Pitkon: Its not a trick, this is the slitable version of multiamp. kreven: bb2 isnt out yet though qwilk is working hard to get it ready ;]
qwilk Note: Neither xoblite bb2 nor multiamp bb5 have been released yet. Stay tuned... =]

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