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xfce :: NC-17 User NC-17
Notes -> a window manager for unix. like a gnome-lite. looked good enough to do a style for... :) 
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Style xfce by nc-17 (
Wallpaper bsetroot gen'd 

Arc Angel Very KDE-ish, simple and sweet... love that foobar setup, I'll have to check for that config...
necroboi yeah, turned out quite nice ;) .. btw, i made xfce-bb earlier this year, but in hindsight i should have called it something like microdeck since i wasn't trying to emulate the default theme like what you did...
cthu1hu Great style. Great music :) I've got to download foobar sometime..
NC-17 thanks guys. That's just a tiny selection of my music hehe. Of course not all the bands are listed there on the side, just some of the stuff I happened to want to separate out at a time.... xfce-bb was lovely necro :)
cthu1hu Gotta love that Sabbath "stoner" sound. This radio stream rules for that.
NC-17 yeah, they gots loads :)

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