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aaaa WEeEEEEEE! :: freeb0rn User freeb0rn
This is my desktop! :)
I'm running xoblitebb2 which is in closed beta, so thanks for qwilk for letting me help out with that . The plugin you see in the slit with the text in it is a plugin I'm working on called bbFoomp and it is making its world debut today... as far as screenshots/teasers are concerend .
bbFoomp will show (and if needbe, scroll) your foobar songtitle (which you customize in foobar) and will provide controls (like multiamp does) for changing songs etc.
I'm not saying any release dates, it'll be out when it's done, but needless to say quite a bit of progress has been made (then again i've been working on it for quite a while), but it is my first plugin so please bear with me. More later when it's done! Until then, drool... or don't, but it would be nice if you did. 
Shell xoblite
Wallpaper freedebot (find it at 

jegHegy looking forward to bbfoomp :] nice style
sMs yeah looking good bbfooamp

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