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Too lazy to do my own style :: freeb0rn User freeb0rn
I found this nice image so i decided to make it my new wallpaper, but I dont have the time to do a new style for it today (i have to go out soon) but this style works quite well :)
Keepin it simple as always, running a weather widget for Kapsules: link Think konfabulator, but for windows :) 
Shell xoblite
Style Liquid Concrete by qwilk (i think) 
Wallpaper It's a drawing by Joe Madureira called Calibretto. 

frantic I haven't been able to find the style, but I like it a lot...the bevels are very nice, it's really smooth.
NC-17 i think its in xoblite bb1 package? looks real sweet though. can't wait for the new foooomp to be done too :)
sMs who is coding fooomp?
freeb0rn I am. If you want a current version of it just find me in the irc channel and ask for it. The con is it ONLY works in the slit at the moment, once thats fixed, a release should follow shortly.
NC-17 freeb0rn :)
sMs thats cool freeborn=D
sMs whats the irc serevr? -_- and channel?
sMs whats the irc server? -_- and channel?
NC-17 link of course, or #bb4win, if that doesnt work...
NC-17 doh, it didnt work...
flux702 can you email me that style please?

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