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SoftGrey :: Nightbreed User Nightbreed
Couldn't find a wallpaper I liked so I created a bbi thingy to rotate them for me :) 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style SoftGrey 
Wallpaper bbinterface 'n Vista 

hate13breeder where can i get that wallpaper util.
sMs love the bbinterface bar
Roots I really love that wallpaper slider, mind sending me some kind of hint on how to do it for myself ;)
jimmy That's bbslideshow... Just a little modified with bbinterface ;)... Or not? ;)
Nightbreed Yeah, it's the older bbslideshow0.5 because .6 has a problem with reloading with bbi's modules. But yeah, it's wrapped in a bbi element.
Roots Thanks I will look in to doing something like that for my next desktop, I will end up getting bored with the current one after like a day or two. I kind of want to do something with a Silent Hill feel to it. Oh my that movie was great! I really need to play the games.

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