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pain of ms+google colour mixed with pinups ;) :: lexxca User lexxca
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style PoMS&GmwP 
Wallpaper simple selfmade 

thewayofzen could it be.. bblapdance.. everybody say WHAAAAAAAT!
doctorfrog bbBratz perhaps?
lexxca he so often?*sry/respect for same/before/first makers* its not simple copy. color-basis was google logo... and the most time, i sit on the grey combo in toolbar/menuframe for white background...arghhh yesterday, after some beer , i look this style on notebook... uaahhhh so to much bright all....first result was a porn mix ...than this soft variant ;) its beer, and holy springtime here at moment ;) greetings (argh my english :|)
Malnilion Oh my God, zen, you weren't joking!
lexxca ;) style here link greets
divertedworks ey how'd you get that separator in the menu of BBLean? is it updated now?
lexxca look at bblean-modification- thread in
Xiong Chiamiov PSPad ftw
lefi plz send me this

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