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japanese sun :: jimmy User jimmy
I hope that with the menu strategically placed on the girl's nudity this screenshot will not be offensive for anyone...
wall here link 
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style japoanese sun by jimmy

zoidbergslo looks nice
T. Eastrup Great theme, many thanx for uploading it. Im though curious to know how yuo are getting the icons + dividers in the menu to show and function. Where can I get the plugin ao my own menus are the same as yuors (if it are a plugin at all) I don't know what sort bb-system yuo are using, but I myself are using BBlean (latest version). Regards Eastrup
jimmy Thanks, if you want separators and icons in menus you have to use a mod of bblean... look at here link
jimmy You can also use special fonts... Search in the forum, at the moment I haven't the link...
snkmchnb dude, that's nice..
Nightbreed Guess it was a good thing you didn't have transparancy set on the menu :p ... nice style Jimmy
jimmy Thanks a lot... :D Nightbreed LoL eheheh
T. Eastrup To Jimmy. Thanx for providing the link. Ill be looking on if it is anything I will use, or keeping the original menu as it is. Regards Eastrup

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