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evo :: w-yosh-c User w-yosh-c
Wallpaper by Oliver Dawson, link
Shell BBLC\BBLean
Style evo by w-yosh-c
Wallpaper Envision_X 

NC-17 nice use of colours here.
frantic The colors are nice, however I think that a flat style is not the best choice for a 3D wall. BTW that Oliver Dawson guy makes some great 3D stuff, nice link.
pHarciDe nice nice nice theme, but the link to the wall doesn't work, wheni search on google all i find is a band named Oliver/Dawson. any other links?
Nightbreed pHarciDe: You should see an animated menu when you get on the site, there's a wallpaper link there. Another great theme w-yosh-c
pHarciDe hmm i wonder whats wrong then, when i try to click on the link or copy paste, ect but keep getting 404 error
Nightbreed Maybe you need to update your flash and make sure you dont have anything blocking pop ups
Inauro I really like the strong contrast between the yellow buttons and the dark blue bars. Looks good, w-yosh-c.
xMonKeyx Oh yeah! Love this one. Using it now and I can see myself keeping it around for awhile. Great work.
cLess-R34 I actually love the fact that the wallpaper is 3D and volumetric, while the menus are flat. Makes a sweet effect to me. Rocks.

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