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lotus :: multifate User multifate
love this style and wall so much i had to post it ;p
xob bb2 rox nice work qwilk 
Shell xoblite
Style school by inauro 
Wallpaper lotus by silveryn 

freeb0rn beautiful :)
multifate you are too kind
Inauro Wow, that wall goes really well with the style. and the xoblite build makes the text look fantastic.
multifate yea man ;p i had the wall for a while just didn't have time to style it, but luckly you did for me and it owns 8)
aaron where is the script for that sidebar i keep seeing in all these screenshots?
pHarciDe nj, fate, bout time you got the eye candy to work, but looks supa nice! ... yea were is that qwilk fella /me looks around
dejitaru aaron: try theo's site I believe,he has 2 versions up granted it dosen't have everything that the sidebars in the current batch of shots has but its a good start for your own version....As for this shot and well the others I like! if it wasn't for the incompability with some of the newer plugins I'd use xoblite but until then BBLean works quite well tho I am looking forward to a new release of xob.
multifate aaron: a lot of the stuff i use on the bar are tga's i edited myself so even if you where to have my script you wouldn't have any of those "icons" but if you want it email me and i'll send it to you

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